Tier One Society delivers comprehensive copyright enforcement capabilities to clients ranging from small start-ups to big businesses. Many of our clients are industry leaders in their fields, who benefit from our considerable experience in areas that include the creation of copyrightable works to the enforcement of copyrights. Our copyright team focuses on the identification, protection, registration, and management of our clients’ copyrightable works and creative materials, including films, music, photographs, artwork, and graphics in the United States.


If our expertise knowledge of the social media community and how to produce viral content isn't enough, our massive reach on social media will draw you in. In just one year, we've built up a organic Facebook following that extends all over the world. While we focus mostly on working with US based brands/clients, we take applications from anyone who takes their craft seriously and shows potential in becoming successful.


We will help boost the amount of exposure your creative work(s) receive through our extensive reach on all social media platforms.

Assisting in filing the necessary paperwork/documentation for your original content & granting various statutory licenses and agreements to partners.

Searching through social media platforms for anyone who infringes on your copyrights pursuing all necessary legal action. We focus on Facebook, but also cater to Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube.

Defending copyright suits in federal court.


Copyright Infringement can talk place on a multitude of platforms and social media networks. While this list is vast and wide, we tend to focus on the following websites for our clients:


Whether your creative works were used without permission, reproduced, distributed, displayed or used to make derivative works, please feel free to reach out to us on how we can help you. While we do accept all applications for copyright & marketing consultation, we do not approve each one. Thank you.